We Are Story Tellers

We intepret the physical and emotional messages from our bodies, our life experiences, and the information we receive in each moment.  We weave these messages into our life stories.  As the author of our lives we have a choice.  We can cast ourselves in the role of victim, suffering at the affect of our experience, or we can become empowered.  

When we take back power, we discover our infinite creativity to rewrite our vision of the past, explore the healing gifts in the challenges of now, and allow our imagination to run wild with our dreams for the future.  

This is a Body, Mind, Spirit Healing Journey


This self-care r/evolution was inspired by the documentary Is Your Story Making You Sick?”  The documentary follows the journey of eight courageous individuals as they transform their personal stories of pain, suffering, and breakdown into breakthrough.  

Witness the trailer through this link:  https://www.story.movie/

For a limited time you can also experience the 15 minute version of the film by following this link and entering your email address when prompted: https://www.story.movie/support 

In addition, the film is being released on PBS across the country.  It will screen on our local station WFYI on 12/8 at 8 PM!

Check your local station for schedule!

Read on to learn about upcoming events related to the film!  

Our Goal


As the Conscious Community Collaborative, our Holistic Providers are co-creating and collaborating with each other and the greater community to empower healing at both the individual and collective level, during this time of intense uncertainty and unrest.  The collaborative is hosting monthly free/virtual events.  Listen to a reflection by Melissa Laborsky, MD on the CCC at: https://vimeo.com/470701858

Upcoming Free Monthly Online Events!

Tuesday 11/24 7 PM

Peace, Love, & Gratitude: Exploring the Words of St. Francis of Assisi


Francis & Friends by Sue Betanzos (ArtOfSue)

In the spirit of love, peace, and gratitude, we gather to explore the heart-felt and touching contents of St. Francis of Assisi's Prayer for Peace.  CCC members Katelyn White, Jennifer Seffrin, and Neil McGuffog will focus on specific aspects of this prayer offering personal insights and ways to connect to the powerful words that have uplifted the hearts of millions worldwide.  

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Tuesday December 15 6 PM


We’re all here to make the world a better, brighter, kinder place.  More unified, connected, and harmonious-- like a song of devotion to the Greater Good. One of the ways we experience unity & connection is through our daily interactions with ourselves, our lives and the people and we share our lives with.  We can move ourselves into the nourishing song of conscious communication with these simple skills and just a little practice.  Featuring the work of  our CCC member Colette Pellissier of Illuminated Leadership and Melissa Laborsky of Indy Healing Center who will introduce the sacred role of Heart in Chinese Medicine and share an exercise to keep our Heart energy moving and flowing.

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