Our Beginning

In Summer 2019, Heather Meyer of Dynamic Wisdom, first witnessed the documentary 

"Is Your Story Making You Sick?” while attending The Nurtured Heart Approach conference.  She was deeply moved by the message embodied within the documentary and launched a mission to bring it to her community.

The documentary follows the journey of eight courageous individuals as they transform their personal stories of pain, suffering, and breakdown into breakthrough.  

Witness the trailer through this link:  https://www.story.movie/

Heather first approached Jennifer Seffrin of the Indy Holistic Hub and Dr Melissa Laborsky of Indy Healing Center.  At Holistic Hub Wellbeing Fest, a panel was created to introduce the film’s message and initiate a dialogue amongst both providers and the community.  The first screening in November 2019 attracted over 70 attendees who were all eager for more.  

At this time, Kelei Baker Leak of Enlightened Steps came on board the team.  A second screening in January 2020 welcomed over 40 new eager attendees.  A third screening was planned for March 2020.  

During this time, the Coronavirus Pandemic and societal unrest arose.  This amplified and solidfied the importance of spreading the message of empowering through story and creating the necessary support for this transformative work.  

The team of three evolved into the Conscious Community Collaborative.  Our Holistic Providers are working in collaboration and cooperation like never before to expand the conscious community.  Our goal is to inspire individuals to empower healing through their story and provide broadly accessible resources, workshops, self-study groups, and retreats to support this goal.   

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Join us for our next free virtual event

7/21/21 at 7 PM EDT

Has life's intensity left you feeling drained of your inner spark?   Do you long for the freedom and play you once experienced as a child?

When we feel blocked and drained, it is challenging to access our Spirit’s inspiration.  

Through this interactive event Melissa Laborsky, MD will explore the understanding of Heart through Five Element Consciousness.  This framework reveals the connections between organ function, emotions, and all of Nature.   

Creativity Coach Mara Belzer will then guide us on a journey to awaken our Heart connection through creativity.  We’ll express its essence through simple Expressive Arts practices and see what secrets our heart has to share with us when we give it a voice.

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