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My trauma began at the very early age of 18 months. My older brother, who is two years older than me, was dealing with asthma and this was the time when my baby sister decided to enter the world. With a sickly child who needed constant attention and a newborn, my mother couldn’t cope with a third child. So, I was shuttled off to her great Aunt and Uncle during the day while my father worked. My new babysitters might have been loving and kind but to me they were total strangers and being a sensitive child, I believed I had been “given away.” Thus began a lifetime of feeling abandoned which I managed to perpetuate over and over again in various scenarios. Even as an adult when I would lose my husband in a grocery store, that sinking feeling would come over me and I would feel instant panic.

Since children are as a rule resilient, we come up with creative coping mechanisms to feel safe. I decided if I could get people to like me, they would “keep me” and I would feel safe. Thus, I became an instant people pleaser. But to get people to like you, I found out the hard way in parochial school, you must follow the rules or ELSE!

It was a simple lesson called “how well do you listen” which was a difficult skill for me to master because I was too easily distracted by the world around me. The task was to color the picture of an angel a certain color. Easy right? But what I didn’t know, or more specifically what I wasn’t aware of, were the instructions for the exercise. One row down to a specific person would color the angel this color and the next row down to another person would color it another. I was clueless at what was going on. I had a picture of an angel on my desk. I noticed the girl next to me was coloring the angel red violet or was it yellow green? Anyway, I picked up the same color crayon and thought I was behaving correctly. In the next few minutes I was aware of a black figure hovering over me like the grim reaper. “Catherine, you did not follow directions!” The retort was loud and angry and I shrank into my seat trying to make myself as small as possible. I fully expected to be physically struck by this Benedictine nun.

What I did not realize at the time was that I had made a very strong subconscious vow that I would never, ever trust my own decisions. To do so was not only dangerous but possibly life threatening. That incident destroyed the happy little girl that I was. I was now bound by rules and those that enforced them. I struggled in school and in life, feeling like a victim and believing no matter what I did, it was never good enough. I was not good enough. And to break a rule was nothing short of a mortal sin. It meant punishment, being ostracized, being fired from a job and ultimately, failure.

I went to college after graduation not because I had a direction or purpose but because I wasn’t ready for life on my own and I felt safe in this “ivory tower.”  I was there two years before declaring my major, journalism, and even then I wasn’t sure I had made the right choice.

But after graduation and my first job at a small town newspaper, my confidence soared and I met a wonderful man and fell in love for the first time in my life. Life was wonderful. But due to circumstances beyond my control the relationship ended and so did my happy life. I went into a deep depression not wanting to live or die. Nothing mattered. Then my festering wound went even deeper when my position at the paper went from feature writer to society editor. It was like rubbing salt into an open wound. I thought by going to another newspaper it would help in putting the past behind me but I hated the new position even more than the previous.

Desperate to change my life and my situation, I went back to college and did a 360 and decided to pursue a degree in microbiology. This was a disaster in the making as my math phobia from elementary school reared its ugly head. I failed several courses and my self-esteem and any belief in myself was all but destroyed.

So where did I end up for most of my life? In a call center where all decisions are made for you. They tell you when you can eat and when you can take a break. It was a high stress environment but I excelled and won numerous awards and recognitions. Still, it was not fulfilling and I felt something was missing in my life.

I was 52 years young when I discovered an amazing technique which allowed me to let go of any unwanted feeling in the moment. The Release Technique/The Sedona Method completely transformed my life. I was able to shed my victim mentality and become a very confident self- assured woman. It gave me the courage to let go of an unsupportive marriage of 23 years and to walk away from the call center after 25 years.  


It led me to life coaching and the Tapping Into Wealth program where I can help others transform their lives through both Tapping and releasing. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to do my first Walk the Talk last year where I got to experience motivational speaking first hand.


Abundance in every form continues to flow to me on a daily basis. Do I have any regrets? No, all suffering and trauma are in the past. I may be a late bloomer but there is no time like the present. I am here. This is now. I am so grateful for this journey.

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