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My Story of Emotional Pain, Growth and Blessings

When I was six, my grandfather died suddenly while napping.  I was shocked, it was my first encounter with death.  My young self could not comprehend this tragic loss.  I became paralyzed by fear that I, too, would die if I went to sleep.    

Throughout my life from six years old on, I remember being afraid of literally everything.  I was always on guard for what might happen to cause death.  I desperately wanted to experience the world, but I could never explore too far away from the safety of home and my parents.  I would watch other kids, my cousins and friends.  They all seemed so carefree, what was wrong with me?  I grew to hate the life that I was living.  I felt so stifled.  I “lived" within a prison of the possibility of impending doom.  

My constant fear impacted my digestion and I suffered stomach pain that kept me out of school many days at a time.  I missed half of my freshman year of high school and my school counselors didn’t think I would be able to graduate with my class. Luckily I was able to catch up, and graduated on time.  Then a year and a half after graduation, my grandmother died suddenly re-awakening my panic.  

The panic attacks became overwhelming.  I was afraid to be alone or in public.  I became agoraphobic, too afraid to even leave my home.  As I was growing up, therapy wasn’t something people did unless you were institutionalized.  The doctors didn’t know the terms, panic and anxiety disorder, I was deemed a “nervous kid”, and given medicine, which I didn’t want to take.  I was desperate to get to the root of what I was experiencing.

I was introduced to the head of psychiatry at the IU Med Center.  He introduced me to hypnosis and taught me self hypnosis.  I had never felt so relaxed in my life!  I then joined a self help cognitive behavior group and met others with similar experiences.  I was not alone!  I finally felt some hope of deepening my understanding of fear, anxiety, and panic.  I finally saw a path that could lead to healing!

I started studying how the brain and the body interact.  I finally understood what was happening and how I could control the way I felt.  What an awakening.  I got better!!  

My story like a good novel has had many ups and downs, many surprises and disappointments, so many emotions.  Through it all I have learned so many things, how to love, how to forgive, how to be strong, how to give and how to receive, how to turn my story into victory.  

I truly believe that life happens for us, not to us.  For us to learn, to grow, to become all that we can be.  I would not be the woman that I am today with the strength to go through life with its ups and downs, to be able to help people with their stories to heal, if I hadn’t had my story to learn and grow from.  I am grateful and blessed for my story!

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