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My Journey to Me

We all have our stories of how we got to this present moment and this is mine. I was an only child who grew up with older parents, this left me feeling different and not connected with those my age. As I reached my teens the need to connect grew within me and led me to start a family before I was ready or prepared at age 18. Then my father died leaving me with a deeply depressed Mother & a farm to run. I stepped up and started managing the family farm, working outside the home, and managing another person’s depression and existing addictions. All while I was barely surviving in an abusive relationship myself. 

I was a pillar of strength, I kept my head down, doing what the outside world was expecting from me. Bluntly stated, I had learned how to polish turds into diamonds! I could have opened a chain of jewelry stores selling all those diamonds. Smiling when I should have been crying, hiding when I was hurt, doing instead of asking for help, staying when I should have been leaving, creating stories that hid the truth so others could not see how terrible things were in my life.

I threw myself into my work life and raising my children. My mother was ill for 10 years before she passed while I was in my 30s. I felt quite alone but I did have a voice that was inside my head telling me that there is more. The Universe continually sent amazing souls to me to lift my heart, soul, and mind. I kept reaching out and learning better ways. I went back to school after a marital affair was revealed to me. 

I took a stand for myself and headed to college. My love of history and religion led me to my Spiritual Anthropology minor, my work life demanded a business management major. I shared all I was learning with my children. I kept our family in counseling, focusing on launching my children into college and into happy lives. Still, I was polishing turds along the way, living my life in boxes: the working professional box, the mother box, as well as, the friend, the church, the battered wife box. The one box I craved the most was the Seeker of True Meaning …Enlightenment.

The Universe has its way of getting your attention, by repeatedly knocking me down until I was unsure I wanted to get up again. I developed a severe case of ventricular & atrial tachycardia requiring multiple medications. My children were afraid for me- they wanted to see me living my life. I had no I idea how to fix it. I kept working but I was numbed out from fear. I had mastered feeling embarrassed, ashamed, worthless, and stupid. 

I now had to help my children to heal & fly, so I disocvered an experiential leadership program through Zarvos Leadership and Coaching. I was doing this solely for them and their growth, but found I needed it just as much, if not more! I got to finally face my own life with the help of other participants. I found my truth and spoke it aloud. Quickly I realized the slippery slope, I was on with my story as people felt sorry for me. I did not want their sorrow. I had to get hold of my life and set the turds down!!  I felt like I was jumping off Mount Everest! Yet I was taking it a step at a time. I learned to ask for help. I discovered who I was, what I liked, and what was destroying me. I honored myself with the truth, My Truth. I took the time to find out what brought me joy! 

Checking in with myself and learning what I needed was my source for breakthrough. I studied with Jean Houston PhD, Greg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Jason Linett, Melisa Tiers, and several other teachers. I studied hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, EFT, Kinetic Shift, Integrative Addiction Solutions, and Social expansion models. I then got my certifications did my practicums. I explored, I learned, I played, I traveled, I healed, I found love again and I crafted the life I wanted. My body/heart was healed.  I learned I can change my life at any time.  I had created a new story of my truth! 

All this led me to holding a light for people to connect with themselves and to discover what they want in life. They get to peel their onion (life), find their root cause and heal it or connect to what they want to create in their life. 

The journey is transforming and life giving. This work is pure joy for me to inspire others to connect to the joy and passion inside of them.  They in turn make a loving difference in our world. 

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