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Growing up with a mom who was alcoholic, I learned early on to "read" people.  As early as age 7, 8, or 9 I recall when getting off the school bus and entering my home if I "heard" my mom's voice (say while on the phone) and the pitch, pace, tone, volume, inflection was light, I knew it might be a "safe" place.  If, on the other hand, I "heard" an edge, a certain pitch (she had been drinking) I braced myself for a challenging evening.  This same "observation" went with body language too.  

I could even tell how safe or challenging my time at home would be by the sound of my mom loading or unloading the dishwasher!  

I carried this into my adulthood unconsciously scanning people / listening to voices to determine "safety" or "danger".  A very taxing way to live indeed.  It is only until the last several years that I've recognized and worked on overcoming this challenge.

Yes – we all have stories.  They are integral to the core of our being.  Historically I didn’t consider my story or stories to be worthy or impactful enough to share.  As a person in recovery from alcohol addiction over the past 27 years, I’ve heard hundreds and hundreds of powerful stories of healing and recovery.  My story in this area is more – shall I say – pedestrian!  Yet I do know it is relevant and my story can and does resonate with certain individuals – inside the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and outside.  

Life tends to cover up our stories.  Many simply stuff them done under layers of guilt, remorse, resentment, shame, trauma – you name it.  Yet our adventures and experiences are worthy of sharing.  Indeed they will connect with someone – perhaps many – to help shine a light of wholeness and connection.  

All humans are story-worthy.  Sharing our stories with compassion, openness, and vulnerability is a healing process not to be overlooked or dismissed.  

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