Tracy Minor, MS

My Healing Story

I am pretty sure that my health story starts with being hospitalized for the flu when I was not yet a year old. I undoubtedly received loads of heavy duty antibiotics that wrecked my microbiome. I was sick A LOT all the way into my 30s. I had chronic bronchitis for no apparent reason. I had digestive issues. I never felt WELL. I looked well – I was thin and fit and have a naturally enthusiastic personality. My basic blood panel was fine. No one had any answers. But inside I felt unwell. That’s the beginning of my body story.


One day in high school I realized I was feeling bleh. Life was feeling boring and repetitive and I didn’t feel my usual joyful spark. I decided that I would generate an excited feeling. I would tell myself how excited I was to go to school. I would act enthusiastic and engaged. I remember where I was standing in my room with the bright red carpet when I decided this. To my astonishment – IT WORKED! My reality changed. That’s the beginning of my mind story.


I adopted my son when he was 5 years old and I married his dad. My son’s bio-mom left him and his dad when he was only 3 years old, never to been heard from again. Raising my son, who held this trauma, was a test for me on every level. It brought me to my knees. Once there, I turned within, I turned to Spirit/God/Source. I began to connect to Spirit daily because I didn’t know how else to get through all of the pain and struggle. I found my inner strength through the knowledge that I was connected to something greater. That’s the beginning of my spirit story.


Body, Mind & Spirit - these are the pillars of wellness that I have deeply connected to in order to heal. My struggles and experiences with each lead me to a master’s degree in counseling and endless hours of study and practice with various healing modalities.  

I believe that we all have the answers within. I believe that everything happens for a reason – to connect us to our truth. 

The tools that I use and teach help us to connect to our truth. By tapping into that connection, we heal. It is an evolving practice without end. We are always pulling back the layers and healing. It is a beautiful journey and a maddening one. It is full of the complete range of human emotion. It is my calling to facilitate the journey of discovering your truth and your healing.

Creative Guidance for the Lifestyle You Seek.

Tracy Minor, MS

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