Our Passion / Our Purpose

Each member of OUR Conscious Community Collaborative has arrived at their passion and purpose through their own unique body, mind, Spirit healing journey.  Explore their personal journeys and what life path / approach has unfolded, through the links below.  Though the central message of empowering healing through story is a common thread, you may resonate with one or more different angles and perspectives.  I encourage you to explore as Spirit leads you!  Our goal is to provide a co-operative, co-creative angle to support you on your own healing journey.  

Cathy Boone-Black - Indiana Integrative Hypnosis 

Refocusing Tecniques for Panic Attacks

Catherine Clift - Transformational Wealth & Success Coach

Why Your Voice of Defense is Keeping You Stuck / Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Letting Go is As Easy As Dropping a Pen!

Let Go & Abundance & Miracles Will Flow: Walk the Talk

Dr. Melissa Laborsky - Indy Healing Center

Organ Function, Emotions, & Spirit: Five Element Consciousness

Healing is in Your Hands: The Four Energy Gates

Beck Laurenzana - RYT200, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Yoga for Calm Body Mind

Heather Meyer, MS, LMHC - Dynamic Wisdom

The Nurtured Heart Approach™

Engagement / Fight or Flight / Freeze: The Power of Our Vagus Nerve

Collaboration of Colette Pellissier, Kelei Baker Leak, Cathy Boone-Black, & Becky Laurenzana

Looking Back to Look Forward: Exploring & Transforming Our Stories

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