Healing is in Your Hands: The Four Energy Gates

The Four Energy Gates were created by Grand Master Nan Lu at a time when “tapping" into the Meridian system using the hands was being widely accepted as a healing modality.    

The Meridian network is an energy grid that connects above, below, and within to each and every organ system, tissue, and cell in the body.  How energy is flowing within this network directly impacts organ function.  When flow happens, healing naturally follows.  We also rely on this energy grid to help us connect to our world: Nature, our work, co-workers, family, and friends.  Supporting flow thus supports clarity and connection in these relationships.  

The Four Energy Gates are locations along the Meridian network that have profound impact on many levels within the body, mind, and Spirit, each has its own unique “sub-specialty.”  By accessing the Gates through self-acupressure, you can support flow and thus promote healing.

Located on the web between the thumb and index

Outer hand supports, provide enough pressure to feel an ache

Circle for 4-5 minutes each side 

Opens the wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, head.

Benefits Lung and Large Intestine (which by the way connect to skin so you are giving yourself an energetic facial with this gate : )

Located in the center of the chest between the breasts

Right palm to chest / left on top

Circling with light pressure 200 times / 2 minutes in each direction

Impacts the upper chest / upper back

Benefits the physical / emotional Heart, calming (excellent practice if you have insomnia!)

Four fingers aligned below the navel

Alternate tapping in the midline for 3 minutes: yes feels like you are drumming!

Impacts the pelvic area and underlying organs

This is a location that connects to our Life Force Energy / baby ignite that fire!

Located in the center of the buttock

Using the arm as a pendulum, punch this area with a loose fist for 4-5 minutes

Allow yourself to twist left and right while you do this for deeper impact

Important to keep the arms, shoulders, and hips relaxed

Impacts the low back, knees, ankles, feet

The two energy lines that intersect at this junction cover the length of the entire body!

Make the Gates Your Healing Habit!

The practice has a flow covering you from head to toe

Each gate can be practiced alone

Have fun / be creative: outside, with music, while on the phone, in transit…anytime / anywhere!

Tap into a gate to impact symptoms arising in each region:

Gate One: arms / head / neck

Gate Two: chest / upper back

Gate Three: pelvis

Gate Four: Low back on down

You can watch a video tutorial of The Four Energy Gates at


Qigong versus The Four Gates

Both Qigong and The Four Energy Gates are practices that allow us to connect into our Meridian system to support Body, Mind, Spirit healing.  The Gates are like a healing habit and an energy support tool that you can access anywhere anytime.  Their effect is like an internal energy shower!

Qigong is a practice that gently stretches and opens the Meridian lines to support flow from a different angle.  In addition, the standing postures of Qigong allow you to position your Meridians so that you are more open to receive.  This is similar to the concept of “plugging” yourself into Universal energy source or opening to the Cloud for a download / update / upgrade!  The longer you hold the standing posture, the more you will receive.  

The power of a Qigong practice depends upon the strength of its lineage and the quality, quantity of your commitment.  Dragon’s Way Qigong has been traced back over 10,000 years to the Taoist Masters Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.  The practice has been passed down to us by my teacher Grand Master Nan Lu.  

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