Letting Go is As Easy As Dropping a Pen!


1. Pick up a pen and grasp it in your hand.

2. Squeeze the pen as tightly as you can

3. Notice the longer you squeeze it the more uncomfortable it feels it also feels very familiar. This is also true of the feelings and emotions we hold onto.

4. Now open your hand and roll the pen around. Notice it is not attached to your hand. The pen represents your feelings and your hand represents your consciousness. Your feelings are not attached to you therefore you have the power to let them go. It is just a decision.

5. Now grasp the pen again, turn your hand over and open it, dropping the pen.

See how easy that was? You do not have to effort at letting go or releasing. Yes, you could slam the pen to the floor and you would let go but such effort is not required.

We have a tendency to identify with our feelings thus making them stronger. 

We do not say “I feel sad, or I feel angry” we say, “I am sad or I am angry.”

Releasing or letting go is a natural ability. Small children do it easily but as adults we have forgotten how. How many of us know adults that have held onto grudges for decades even life times?

The more you let go the happier you will become and abundance and miracles will flow to you effortlessly. The Sedona Method allows you to let go of any unwanted feeling or emotion in the moment. For more information go to www.sedona.com.

Now let’s take it a step further…

Letting Go Exercise

1. Think of a person or situation that bothers you.

2. Welcome the feelings you are experiencing. If you can’t welcome them then allow them to be there or notice them. (welcome, allow and notice are the same thing).

3. Rate them on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most intense and 1 being the least.

4. Releasing or letting go occurs from the neck down. The mind will try to help but it will only get in the way. Put your hand over your heart and be open to the experience. Remember you have the power to let go. It is just a decision.

5. Again, get in touch with the feelings. Could you let them go? Are you capable just like you dropped the pen? Yes or No. Either answer is acceptable. You can still let go by saying “no”. Just be honest with yourself. Believe it or not you can’t get this wrong.

6. Would you let them (the feelings) go? (Would you be willing?) Yes/No

7. And when? (Do you want to let them go now or would you rather hold on and suffer?)

8. Now rate yourself again on a scale of 1-10. 

Even if your number dropped by one, you still “let go.”

You may have to do several rounds to feel free of the feeling but the more you release the easier it becomes. The mind will try to argue that you couldn’t possibly have released deep feelings as easily as this but don’t listen to it. People have released addictions, serious illness and lifetime traumas with this simple method.

Again, here are the three simple questions

1. Could you let it go?

2. Would you let it go?

3. When?

Put your hands together like you are praying. Now slowly open them. That is what letting go looks like. It is also what “welcoming”, “allowing” and “noticing” look like as well.


If you have trouble letting go, ask yourself this question. 

“Would I rather hold on, or would I rather be free?”

For more information on letting go and The Sedona Method go to www.sedona.com.


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