The 3 Stands™ of The Nurtured Heart Approach®

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1. The Greatness of NO: I will not energize negativity. 

    I refuse to give unnecessary focus to problems, dramas, what is not perfect, and other energy

    draining thoughts, feelings, behaviors, people, and situations.

2. The Greatness of YES: I will energize the positive.

     I will commit to experiencing life through a lens that perpetuates a sense of calm, clarity, and

     positivity including recognizing my big emotions with appreciation so that I may transform these

     difficult feelings into a productive force for healing, healthy relationship, and healthy boundary



  1. The Greatness of CLARITY: I will get clear where the line is between my yes and no is regarding beliefs and my boundaries that support me with evolving my inner wealth and serving a renewed empowering sense of self and story. 


I will live in alignment with my truest wisest self and most cherished values by continually gettingmore and more clear about what is and is not acceptable, what I wish to nurture and what I wish to  liberate. I will "reset" toward my best self when I am out of alignment with grace and forgivenessresourcing all my energies toward this renewal to presence! 

Listen to a conversation between Heather Meyer and Melissa Laborsky, MD on the power of the NHA: Nurture Your Heart


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