Why Your Voice of Defense is Keeping You Stuck / Accessing Your Inner Wisdom


Why Your Voice of Defense is Keeping You Stuck

This is an exercise that dives deeply into the subconscious mind. It is here that many of our mind maps and patterns lie hidden. Each question has a fill in the blank at the end. In order for this to be effective, it is important to remain open and non-judging. There may be surprises and “aha” moments. But, it will reveal something about you that you didn’t know before. When we bring these hidden patterns and behaviors into our awareness, it is then that we can honor them, let them go and experience healing.

1-I am Name (name the pattern or behavior for example: I am overwhelm Olivia or I am anxious Annie) By giving it an identity, you can help defuse its power. But this is not required.

2-I love and protect Your Name

3-It’s my job to protect him/her from ___________________________

4-I do that by ___________________________________

5-I whisper to him/her ___________________________________

6-I do whatever it takes because otherwise it will be ___________________

7-I don’t want him/her to feel  or realize____________________________

8-I don’t want him/her to remember_______________________________

9-I am really good at my job. I know exactly how to_____________________

10-And I do this because I love them and want to keep them safe.

Inner Wisdom Exercise

1-I am so proud of you because_______________________

2-The important lesson you’ve learned is_____________________

3-The strength I want you to celebrate is _______________________

4-The strength in you that is ready to emerge is ___________________

5-The limiting story that it is time to let go of is ____________________

6-It’s time to ____________________

7-I really want you to know that ______________________

8-You’re most valuable gifts are _______________________

9-You make a difference in the world because___________________

10- I am overcoming this fear by _______________


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