Gentle Yoga for Calm Body Mind

"Every Sensation, every thought, every feeling lingers underneath the skin, in the internal tension of life. Coming face to face with the tension and learning to be with it and breathe through it is where true freedom from dis-ease lives.  This is how you discover the light at the end of the tunnel and step into it fully body mind and spirit"

Becky Laurenzana

Join RYT 200 Becky Laurenzana as she leads you through a gentle, beginner-friendly yoga class meant to slowly relieve tension in the body and deeply connect in body mind and spirit. Expect slow movement, moments of stillness, and a long guided relaxation to close the practice. Part 1 and part 2 consist of one practice.

Yoga for Calm Body Mind Part 1


Yoga for Calm Body Mind Part 2


Be well from the Inside-Out

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