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Our goal is to co-create and collaborate as Holistic Providers WITH our greater community to empower healing through story at both the individual and collective levels.  

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"Is Your Story Making You Sick?” the documentary that inspired our self care r/evolution!

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4/21 6:30 PM

Weed, Seed, & Feed! Nurturing the Garden Within.

In Nature, everything exists in cooperation and collaboration, even when we perceive it as chaos! Earth is constantly digesting and processing the shifts that occur on our planet. Every season has a purpose in this process. 

During Spring, it is our time to weed, seed, and feed our gardens so we may honor the growth that is required for the cycle of life to continue. 

We are also one with nature; yet, many of us have lost our alignment with this connection. We too, must "spring clean" to blossom and thrive. Returning to our Earthly roots is the path to true body, mind, Spirit healing.

Through this interactive event, we will explore the innate wisdom of our mind-body and the use of plants to nurture our wellbeing. Yes, every plant on Earth holds wisdom! We will expand our exploration to demonstrate how to apply this healing wisdom in your own kitchen. 

Your guides are Nurtured Heart Therapist® Heather Meyer, MS, LMHC of Dynamic Wisdom, Melissa Laborsky, MD of Indy Healing Center, and herbalist Karen Burr of Materia Medica.  

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