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Our goal is to co-create and collaborate as Holistic Providers WITH our greater community to empower healing through story at both the individual and collective levels.  

We will host soul inspiring events every fourth Wedensday at 7 PM! 




"Is Your Story Making You Sick?” the documentary that inspired our self care r/evolution!

Uplifting Hearts in the Heartland Series

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Join us for our next free event 9/23 7-8:30 PM

Letting Go of Fear & Tapping Into the Wisdom Within

9/23 7-8:30 PM

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Our inner wisdom can be a wealth of information.  One of its jobs is to keep us safe from danger and hurts of all kinds.

It does this by creating unconscious coping mechanisms, mind maps and behaviors that may go back to our early childhood.  As adults these behaviors may be outdated and unhealthy.  Since they are unconscious, we may not be aware how they are still impacting our daily life. 

During this time together, we will complete three exercises and allow discussion to further explore these impacts.

We will first start off with a grounding meditaiton to center ourselves.  Then we will work to uncover some of those patterns and behaviors.

While the last exercise will explore our inner wisdom in a more positive light.  

Finally, with so much fear and uncertainty running through our lives with the pandemic, economy, and upcoming elections, we are going to learn a method that allows you to let go of fear in the moment.

In order to get the most from these exercises, you will receive brief pre-work after registration. We encourage you to be open and non-judging of your process as it unfolds.

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