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Our goal is to co-create and collaborate as Holistic Providers WITH our greater community to empower healing through story at both the individual and collective levels.  


Looking Back to Look Forward: Exploring & Transforming Our Stories

8/26 7-8 PM

Learn to consciously harvest the insights that reside within your Life Stories, so you can live even more powerfully into your future!

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About this Event

Inspired by some of the transformational processes in the documentary, "Is Your Story Making You Sick?" we’re looking forward to hosting a dialog about our Life Stories— so we can learn to consciously harvest the insights that reside there, and live even more powerfully into the futures we desire. We’ll be taking a look at past key events that have shaped us, exploring the roles we play out today as a result (hero, victim, observer, pleaser, caretaker, and so forth), and breathing life into the future of our stories-yet-to-come.

We are so very grateful to be building conscious community with you— our fellow soul-travelers!

To get the most out of our time together on the 26th, there will be some light pre-work that we’ll ask you to do. You’ll receive the worksheet and simple instructions after registering for the event.

In uncertain times like the ones we find ourselves in, our resilience is fueled by knowing that, no matter the circumstance, we have within us the ability to script (and rescript) our own great story. To leverage gifts and opportunities from our past, and to be intentional in the present— all in service to the bright future that wants to emerge through us.

We look forward to writing the next chapter of our stories with you on August 26th. With free registration, you've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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The documentary “Is Your Story Making You Sick?”  is a tool to awaken consciousness and inspire transformation.  Before viewing the film, we encourage you to review the reflection questions by clicking the image below to help you dive deeper into the underlying messages.  

You can view the powerful 15 minute version of the film by following this link and entering your email address at the bottom of the page when prompted.



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