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Our goal is to co-create and collaborate as Holistic Providers WITH our greater community to empower healing through story at both the individual and collective levels.  

We will host soul inspiring events every fourth Wedensday at 7 PM! 




"Is Your Story Making You Sick?” the documentary that inspired our self care r/evolution!

Uplifting Hearts in the Heartland Series

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Tuesday 11/24 7 PM

Peace, Love, & Gratitude: Exploring the Words of St. Francis of Assisi

Francis & Friends by Sue Betanzos (ArtOfSue)

In the spirit of love, peace, and gratitude, we gather to explore the heart-felt and touching contents of St. Francis of Assisi's Prayer for Peace.  CCC members Katelyn White, Jennifer Seffrin, and Neil McGuffog will focus on specific aspects of this prayer offering personal insights and ways to connect to the powerful words that have uplifted the hearts of millions worldwide.  

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Tuesday December 15 6 PM

We’re all here to make the world a better, brighter, kinder place.  More unified, connected, and harmonious-- like a song of devotion to the Greater Good. One of the ways we experience unity & connection is through our daily interactions with ourselves, our lives and the people and we share our lives with.  We can move ourselves into the nourishing song of conscious communication with these simple skills and just a little practice.  Featuring the work of  our CCC member Colette Pellissier of Illuminated Leadership and Melissa Laborsky of Indy Healing Center who will introduce the sacred role of Heart in Chinese Medicine and share an exercise to keep our Heart energy moving and flowing.

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