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Our goal is to co-create and collaborate as Holistic Providers WITH our greater community to empower healing through story at both the individual and collective levels.  

We will host soul inspiring events every fourth Wedensday at 7 PM! 




"Is Your Story Making You Sick?” the documentary that inspired our self care r/evolution!

Uplifting Hearts in the Heartland Series

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Moving Into Self-Love 5/19 at 7 PM

Take some time to nurture yourself Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Paula Lord, Pranic Healer and owner of GymRoots, and Becky Laurenzana, yoga instructor and holistic health coach, take you through a series of movements and moments of stillness and reflection to explore the mind body connection. 

We often spend much of our lives giving to others while losing touch with ourselves. Join us and give some love to yourself so you can more easily give love to others.

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