Reflection Questions 


Reflection Questions before viewing “Is Your Story Making You Sick?

Each of us has a "portfolio" or collection of stories about who we think we are which shape our identity, relationships, and view of our world.  These stories can serve to empower us (perpetuate beauty, truth and goodness) or disempower us (perpetuate chronic stress and dis-ease).  We can begin to "download" these stories into our "portfolio"  in early childhood from our primary caregivers, peers, and experiences. 

As the participants shared their story, how do you think the unspoken and spoken values, secrets or admonishments they learned as children influenced how they viewed themselves?

How did it teach them what was important to others and  how they needed to be to gain approval, worth and safety? How did this impact their self perceptions, personal portfolio and overall well being?  Can you relate to any of the participants' stories?

From the lens of our systemic/collective story, what stood out to you in the film? Perhaps you can consider how our economic, political, demographic, pop culture, media trends, educational system, justice system, mental health system, or public health system empowered or disempowered these participants of differing generations, races, ethnicity, genders. 

How did the experts in the film challenge long held beliefs about health and wellness? What story are you telling yourself about our current systemic/collective story currently? Is it serving you or stressing you?

What aha's do you notice participants having through their healing experience? What did you notice shifting in the participants as they engaged in the mind-body experiential activities shown in the film? 

How may these experiences have added to the participants positive experience of themselves and influence a growing  "portfolio" of greatness at a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level that may support further healing? 

What if you could embody the perspective that our greatest emotional and physical life challenges or local/worldly challenges are a call to discover and ignite our inner strength, wisdom, and healing power? 

How could this positively transform our connection to our individual and collective portfolio of “stories” we tell ourselves?

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