Cathy Boone Black - Indiana Integrative Hypnosis

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For over 40 years Cathy has used proven methods to relieve her own panic attacks, anxiety and fear.  When working with Cathy she will teach you how to develop and use your own inner resources to ease suffering, relieve stress and maximize relaxation.  Integrative Hypnosis empowers you to nurture your own body, mind and spirit leading to a fuller, more rewarding life.

Cathy is a certified practitioner of: Hypnosis, Faster EFT, The Emotion Code, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Pain Relief Specialist, Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster, Doula (DONA), DISC Language, EQ-i/EQ360, and Reflexology

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Catherine Clift - Transformational Wealth & Success Coach


I help my clients clear their subconscious money blocks so they can have the money and success they deserve to have.

I have always felt a desire to inspire others, a cheerleader if you will. So when I discovered life coaching in my 60’s I knew it was a match made in Heaven. My first certification was the Law of Attraction. I then went on to be certified in hypnotherapy but I found them both to be to general. So, when the Tapping into Wealth Program came along in 2016 I was on fire. 

Money affects so many aspects of our lives and I knew I could make a huge impact by doing this work. Recently I completed an in depth course on the 7 chakra’s and how they affect our ability to earn and keep money.

In a nutshell I want to help others get unstuck, whatever their issue. I know what is like to be lost in confusion and self-doubt.  I want every individual to have a happy and fulfilling life.  

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Catherine’s Healing Story

Melissa Laborsky, MD - Indy Healing Center

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At Indy Healing Center, Melissa Laborsky MD, empowers her patients to re-write their own healing stories by awakening to the language of physical / emotional symptoms.  Through the framework of Chinese Medicine, she guides patients to experience how every symptom holds wisdom.  Through the tools of acupuncture, herbs, healing foods, and energy exercises, patients open the ability to access this wisdom.  

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Melissa’s Healing Story

Becky Laurenzana - RYT200, Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner


Becky Laurenzana took her first yoga class to stretch sore muscles.  Over time, she began to notice something happening beyond stretching.  She learned to deeply connect in mind body and spirit and begin working through her trauma in an embodied way. 

Prior to yoga she’d spent well over a decade trying to resolve trauma through talk therapy but found that words couldn’t express what was held in her body and with each failed attempt within the western system she began to feel less and less human.  

Through the practice of breath work, meditation and asana practice she began a relationship with herself that allowed her to uncover the story she had been carrying around in her physical and emotional body for years. 

Becky continues to heal with a dedicated daily practice. She is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a reiki practitioner who  is deeply passionate about helping others learn to connect with their energetic bodies, discover the hidden stories, and learn how to bring vitality back to the body through gentle movement, meditation, breath work, a whole foods diet, and energy work.  

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Becky’s Healing Story

Kelei Baker Leak - Enlightened Steps Hypnosis, Coaching, & Consulting

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Kelei specializes in many areas of hypnosis, using traditional and non-traditional methods and modalities. She helps people get past their inner filters, blocks, and disconnects, so they can truly design the changes they want to implement in their life. 

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can be greatly beneficial in helping to calm stress levels, anxiety, fears, addictions, extreme emotions, phobias, pain, headaches, and much more. 

Kelei also utilizes other tools such as EFT, EMDR, NLP, Kinetic Shift, Social Expansion Models & Integrative Addiction Solutions. In addition, Kelei owns and operates The Baker Farmhouse which is a historical Bed and Breakfast Retreat and Event Space which has been in her family for over 150 years and was part of the Underground Railroad.

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Paula Lord - Pranic Healer, Owner GymRoots Inc

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Paula Lord helps people LAUNCH. With a one-of-a-kind expertise in movement, she leads individuals to recognize, clarify, and restore patterns which allows them to tap into their unique and unlimited potential. Paula's students have gone on to become Olympic athletes, collegiate champions, thriving cancer survivors, successful professionals, happy retirees, and more! Paula is a Master of Sport in gymnastics, holds a degree in physics, and is a practitioner of Pranic Energy Healing. This allows her to help solve some of the most complex puzzles and get clients on a straighter path to healing.

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Neil McGuffog - At the Core

Neil McGuffog is the founder of AT THE CORE, an Indianapolis-based firm dedicated to creating onsite and remote wellness programs for small to mid-sized companies.  Neil brings to the organization more than 20 years in the corporate health promotion space and a passion for engaging individuals and groups to become the best version of themselves.

By understanding the essence of a workplace’s culture, the AT THE CORE team encourages employees and their families to build a life of connection, well-being, and abundance.  Programs include mindful movement, yoga for all levels, mindfulness training, and meditation sessions.

Neil’s life-long love affair with movement includes seven marathons, more than 25 half-marathons, countless other road races, 14 years of yoga practice, and 10 years of yoga instruction.  He is a proud member of Classic Communicators Toastmasters Club earning the Advance Communicator/Silver designation and is a volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Indiana.

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Neil’s Healing Story

Heather Meyer, MS, LMHC - Dynamic Wisdom


Heather Meyer, MS, LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor & Certified Nurtured Heart Approach® Advanced Trainer specializing in counseling and consulting services through her private practice, Dynamic Wisdom, LLC. Heather helps individuals, families and organizations reclaim and renew their personal and professional narratives through the Nurtured Heart Approach framework so  “their story” reveals their innate greatness and empowers them to be the creators of calm, care and connection within themselves and within their most valued and most challenging of relationships. 

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Colette Pellissier, MBA, MA, CPCC, PCC - Illuminated Leadership

I believe that we all are meant to experience inspired and fulfilling lives—not later, someday, but right now in this moment!  In that space resides our infinite capacity to navigate the circumstances of our lives from a place of clarity and heart-centered leadership.  Through my gifts of compassion, intuition and authentic presence, friends & clients say that they discover deeper self-awareness and confidence, new ways of being & doing—insights that are life-changing.

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Jennifer Seffrin - Indy Holistic Hub

Jennifer Seffrin is an Energy Leadership Coach who develops out networks and communities to support people in living more conscious, holistic lives.  She is the Founder of Indy Holistic Hub - A group dedicated to serving holistic health and wellness care to the greater Indianapolis area.  They offer an online directory for the public, as well as produce Holistic Hub Wellbeing Fest, a 1-day event in November, to Empower A Healthy Lifestyle for Hoosiers.  

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Katie Wyatt - Amitola Care Farm

Amitola Care Farm enhances the quality of life and self worth for women and children impacted by trauma with the assistance of therapy animals and transformational programs in nature.

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Katelyn White - Reiki for Your Soul


Each body holds the key to its own healing. The owner of Reiki For Your Soul, Katelyn White, a Reiki Practitioner, provides the space, resources, and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. Katelyn believes that each one has the ability to heal themselves and their stories have power to encourage themselves and others. Creating possibilities and choices is at an abundance shall we choose to see them. 

Katelyn sees her practice as an opportunity to support people in rediscovering who they truly and authentically are, while showing up in the world they're creating with others. 

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